Hi Henrik,

> Hi, I'm trying to add a relation, at first I added (rel newRel
> (+String)) to the class, and then put newRel in the dbs.

Right, though adding to 'dbs' makes only sense for indexes (i.e. as you
did with the (rel newRel (+Ref +String)) below).

> That didn't work though, information refused to get saved so I changed
> the rel call to (rel newRel (+Ref +String)) but still the database
> refuses to store anything in newRel when using for instance put!>.

Strange. This should definitely work. There must be some other problem.
Can you try to debug it more?

Is there an error? For example, 'put!>' will complain in the 'has>'
method if the relation is not known.

♪♫ Alex
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