Hi Jon,

> Yes, using #!/usr/bin/picolisp instead of #!/usr/bin/pil worked fine in OSX.
> In my case at the moment, however, this
> #!/usr/bin/picolisp /usr/lib/picolisp/lib/misc.l
> seemed to be better than .../lib.l, since the only "lib" function I
> needed was 'stamp'.

Oh, I see. However, I would strongly recommend to load "lib.l" first, as
it the base of most other functionality.

The core interpreter can be considered as the combination of the
'picolisp' binary and "lib.l", and many things will break if it is

Library functions should be loaded after that. E.g

   #!/usr/bin/picolisp /usr/lib/picolisp/lib.l
   (load "@lib/misc.l")

for a minimal setup, or

   #!/usr/bin/picolisp /usr/lib/picolisp/lib.l
   (load "@ext.l")

to get the same setup as 'pil'.

For scripts with a GUI, I do

   #!/usr/bin/picolisp /usr/lib/picolisp/lib.l
   (load "@ext.l" "@lib/http.l" "@lib/xhtml.l" "@lib/form.l")

and so on. In this way, you can make sure to load only what is needed,
and get the fastest startup time.

♪♫ Alex
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