Hi all,
I'm currently playing with non mainstream PicoLisp versions (sorry for
that!) and found some issues.

1) Regarding this snippet: (for ((I . N) 11 (not (= I 4)) (inc N)) (list I N))
the official PicoLisp and ersatz 27 return (4 14),
but ersatz 29 (currently the most recent version) returns (3 13).

2) Regarding the sort function, ersatz (both versions) is OK with
(let L (3 'Y "Y" 'X 3 "X" NIL) (sort L))
but throws a java.lang.StackOverflow with >:
(let L (3 'Y "Y" 'X 3 "X" NIL) (sort L >))

Thanks for any explanation.
And again, thanks for PicoLisp and all the derivatives.



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