Hi Luis,

> I'm trying to build a function in the command line.  After starting
> with `pil +` I mistankely type:
> : (de ffiles (dir_list) (cond (=T (car dir_list)) (print "is
> directory) (print "is not directory")))
> Notice the lack of the closing " for the string 'is directory'.
> The cursor moves down one line after <Enter>
> Do I have someway of editing the above line, or do I have to hit
> CTRL+x and type it again (or copy /pasting with the mouse)?

The line is already parsed, and the interpreter waits for the expression
to be closed (i.e. that all double quotes and parentheses are balanced).

What you can do here is type another double quote '"' to close the open
string, a closing bracket ']' to close the expression, and <Enter>.

The resulting function definition is of course not what you want, so you
can enter ESC-K (or Up-Arrow) to edit the line and re-execute it.

♪♫ Alex
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