Hi again, sorry for these novice questions, but can't figure out why
this script doesn't run.

Be "pil_files.l":

#!/usr/bin/picolisp /usr/lib/picolisp/lib.l

(de ffiles (dir_list)
      ((=T (info (car dir_list))) (print "is directory"))
      (print "is not directory")))

(de main ()
   (ffiles (dir)))

And I try to run it with:

$ pil pil_files.l -main +
(enters interactive mode)

$ pil pil_files.l -main
(no +, same result)

$ pil -main pil_files.l +
!? (main)
main -- Undefined

$ pil -main pil_files.l
!? (main)
main -- Undefined
(no +, same result)

$ ./pil_files.l
(as there's a shebang, but this one seems correct to me as I didn't
pass an argument and there's nothing to parse it).

But why does not `pil pil_files.l -main +`  execute the function
ffiles with the list resulting from function `dir`?

Thank you in advance Alex.

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