> Correct would be
>    (de ffiles (dir_list)
>       (cond
>          ((=T (info (car dir_list))) (print "is directory"))
>          (T (print "is not directory")) ) )
> Note the 'T' in the last line.
Ok, I already corrected the code and capitalized the function parameter.

>> $ pil pil_files.l -main +
>> :
>> (enters interactive mode)
> OK, nothing was printed for the above reason.

Now, when the code is:
(de ffiles (Dir_list)
      ((=T (info (car Dir_list))) (print "is directory"))
      (T (print "is not directory")) ) )

(de main ()
   (ffiles (dir)))

and I try to run it as $ pil pil_files.l -main
"is not directory":

there's no return to the bash shell (either using '+' or not).

If I had the

at the bottom of the code as suggested by Henrik:
$ pil pil_files.l -main

outputs nothing and return to bash (either using '+' or not).

I should be missing something...

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