How reliable are the statistics from w3schools? ( It is stated in this
page that IE6 users
are about 0.1% of the total Internet users.

When I first began web development I always tried to make my websites
compatible with every browser. But now I'm getting tired of that
(particularly, tired of IE) and now I just care about the latest versions
of Chrome and FF. At least this is true for personal projects. I understand
that clients might require their products to be fully compatible with every

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> > FWIW, in my case I fall back to polling every 10s in case websockets
> > are not supported. However, as soon as IE9 penetration drops to an
> > insignificant level I will stop with fallbacks.
> >
> Make a user agent statistic from your users, or try to obtain data about
> your target audience.
> Rumour is, like half of Asia is still running on pirated WinXP using old
> versions of IE (even IE6), so its surely good to have fallbacks around.
> Of course, this is probably insignificant, but still interesting how
> stubborn this old stuff sticks around. A point for trying to make software
> well from the start, you never know how long it will haunt you or others
> after release...
> Mobile support of websockets in the current client versions seems to be
> pretty good:
> Question is what version the user-base actually is using...
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> Just some random sources for my statements, not exactly well researched
> stuff:
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