> FWIW, in my case I fall back to polling every 10s in case websockets
> are not supported. However, as soon as IE9 penetration drops to an
> insignificant level I will stop with fallbacks.

Make a user agent statistic from your users, or try to obtain data about
your target audience.
Rumour is, like half of Asia is still running on pirated WinXP using old
versions of IE (even IE6), so its surely good to have fallbacks around.
Of course, this is probably insignificant, but still interesting how
stubborn this old stuff sticks around. A point for trying to make software
well from the start, you never know how long it will haunt you or others
after release...

Mobile support of websockets in the current client versions seems to be
pretty good:  http://caniuse.com/websockets
Question is what version the user-base actually is using...

Just some random sources for my statements, not exactly well researched



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