Hi Christophe,

>>>>> No problem for Display, but "hello" should spontaneously have its value
>>>>> changed to some XML containing the string "hello".
>> in other words, you want to use the transient symbol "hello" as a
>> variable?  What is preventing you?
> The problem is that I would like to avoid maintaining a list of
> all transient that will be used. The idea was to automatically,
> or spontaneously, transform the value of _any_ transient
> using its name as a base.
> This would allow programs written in an embedded domain-specific
> language to be exported with different formats, considering
> that this embedded language would be reprogrammed.
> And transient symbols too.

I can't make sense of what you are trying to achieve.  Why do you want
to use transient symbols?  Why not use normal interned symbols?  How
does your use case differ?  Do you have a simple example?


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