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> > I am often confused between the variants of the map functions: map,
> > mapc, mapcar, mapcan, mapcon, maplist.

> Yes, indeed. The names of these 6 functions are historic, they are in
> most Lisp variants since early on.

Thanks, this was good to know, as I was then able to find some Lisp sites with 
additional documentation/examples on these functions.


> In general, all functions in the "Only CAR" column above can be replaced
> by the "Whole list" functions if the argument function takes car of
> applying 'car' to the argument list.

Another difference is that the mapcon and mapcan functions must supply a 
function that returns a list, while the others can supply a function that 
returns an atom?

> I hope this clears things up a little.
Yes, thanks again..

> ♪♫ Alex
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