Hi Henrik,

> When using the new websocket server (
> http://picolisp.com/wiki/?Websockets ) in production (tell ParentPid
> 'func bla bla) stops working after a while.

I haven't checked the details, but let me note the 'tell'ing to the
parent process is not possible.

The reference of 'tell' says

   Send .. to .. all children of the current process, and all other
   children of the parent process

The parent process is the one thay relays all messages between the
processes. It cannot be the addressee of a messages.

Therefore, as a general rule, the parent should never be assigned any
application tasks (especially not database manipulations, as these are
also synchronized via the 'tell' mechanisms). It should be as
lightweight as possible, just waiting for events and delegating work to
the children.

For messages to the parent, you might consider the "@lib/boss.l"
mechanism (I know you have used that in the past), calling 'boss' in the
children and 'hear' in the parent.

So this is to be expected:

> parent process has problems preventing it from responding to tell, so

But still, however, I have no explanation for

> I've had the server running on a test machine for weeks now without
> issues whereas it fails in production after 1-2 days so it has

♪♫ Alex
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