I have been working on collaborative and interactive software development
for the past year. I can build a particular solution for PicoLisp (I had
been working with Common Lisp and newLISP). The safe execution environment
is achieved by running the code in a Docker container.

I could modify a little my software to have the functionality of a "Try

If you're interested, I could work on this, but it'll take me a while
because I'm working on finishing my thesis.

I could also release a collaborative and interactive platform for the
development of PicoLisp projects. At first I was  thinking on releasing it
for the Common Lisp community, but I'm always scared of presenting
something to them because they're... not as nice as you guys.
El ago 29, 2014 7:36 AM, <andr...@itship.ch> escribió:

> > Imagine the interactive PicoLisp web tutorials that could be written if
> > there would actually be a "safe PicoLisp interpreter" as proposed -
> > thats a nice idea.
> >
> > Or would it suffice to define the tutorial functions and start a
> > server that only allows these functions and nothing else?
> check out http://tryruby.org to see how such a thing is properly done (GUI
> wise). I find it really clever made. Would surely be a huge boost to have
> something similar for our beloved picolisp :)
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