Hi Jerome,

> I do not intend to spam your mailing list , sorry if this question sounds
> stupid for many of you but I had a look to the PicoLisp language.

No problem. Don't worry!

> I am not a
> Lisp expert but I can write Clojure code & Emacs Lisp.... I'd like to know
> how far/close PicoLisp is from Common Lisp or other Lisp dialects.

PicoLisp is quite far from Common Lisp. In fact, it was partly
*triggered* by the appearance of Common Lisp. I was shocked about that
monster, and what they did to the beautiful nice Lisp language ... ;-)

PicoLisp is more close to some older dialects like (first version of)
MacLisp, Interlisp and (perhaps mainly) Portable Standard Lisp.

♪♫ Alex
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