jerome moliere <> writes:

> Thanks for your quick reply...
> Is there a guide explaining major differences between Common Lisp &
> PicoLisp ? I guess, reading your answer , that there 's no just a few
> syntactic differences between the 2 dialects ... I can read between
> the lines some philosophical major differences , right?
> What are the most difficult tasks , hot topics to be aware of when
> porting a software from CL to PicoLisp ?

You might want to have a look at, there are hundreds of
tasks with solutions for both, PicoLisp and CL, so you have a perfect

OTOH, although people told me that they have only the parenthesis in
common, I always felt that writing Emacs Lisp and writing PicoLisp has
the same enjoyable (dynamic) feeling, and I think Emacs Lisp was mostly
influenced by MacLisp too, not by CL.



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