In August, Christophe pointed at some problems with looking up functions like 
'caar' and 'cadr' in the docs.

I fixed the problem in doc/rlook.html by adding a couple of lines (43, 44).
Now I see there are similar problems when doing (doc 'caar) and (doc 'cadr), 
and also (doc 'NIL).
In rlook.html, lookup on variants of 'caar' points you to doc/refC.html#cXr, 
and lookup on NIL points to doc/ref.html#nilSym. It shouldn’t be too hard to 
achieve the same for the (doc 'sym) function.

I also had to try (doc 'sym), e.g. (doc 'doc), in ersatz, but there I got
0:38: execution error: Bad name for file. some object (-37)
I’m not sure what it takes to fix that.

The reason why (doc 'sym) works at all on my Mac (I was surprised it still 
did), is that an environment variable BROWSER is set to "openurl.sh" (without 
the quotes), and I have a file ~/script/openurl.sh containing this:

osascript -e "open location \"$1\""

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