Hi Alex,

I added the 'g' to make it clear that 'sub?' doesn’t only check the tail, like 
offset does. If you insist on leaving the 'g' out, you must at least adjust the 
results accordingly. ;-)


On 14. Nov, 2014, at 07:42, Alexander Burger <a...@software-lab.de> wrote:

> Hi Jon,
>> From what I can see at code.google.com, you missed the last 'g' in
>> both of my expressions.
> Why is the 'g' important? I omitted it on purpose, to keep the new
> examples ananlog to the old ones above them.
>> And also I think you forgot the additions
>> ('sub?') I suggested to the "See also" on 'offset' and 'index'.
> Right. Thanks! I've added them. Also to 'head'.
> ♪♫ Alex

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