Hi Jon,

> Yes, I have now repeated my experiment from scratch, importing same
> file twice. I get duplicates. Here is my myAddrDB.csv file, just replace
> the vertical bars with tabs:

> Per|Veien 1|p...@no.no|11223344|712582
> Pål|Veien 2|p...@no.no|11223345|712583
> Espen Askeladd|Veien 3|es...@no.no|11223346|712584
> Ola Normann|Veien 4||11223347|712585

Then something else must be wrong. The expression

   (request '(+Prs) 'nm (pack (car L)))

re-uses an existing object with that name.

BTW, if you want the combination of name and address to be unique, you
could call

   (request '(+Prs)
      'nm (pack (car L))
      'adr (pack (cadr L)) )

Anyway, I imported your data several times, and always end up with 4
objects in the DB.

Perhaps these objects remained from previous experiments? Did you start
with an empty DB? Please remove the "adr.db" file once, and try again.

♪♫ Alex
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