I have some friends who run a software/services cooperative business providing 
ERP and back end inventory and invoicing functionality to large businesses (a 
million items in stock). They use PROIV http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/PROIV as 
their programming tool for ERP management.

I'm an open source guy and the idea of learning PROIV seems daunting. It may be 
a powerful language in the ERP realm, but it's closed source and seems to have 
a very small community.

I'm interested in PicoLisp (and suspect it may be the Holy Grail), but it 
doesn't look easy. I don't expect a powerful language to be easy to learn, 
quite the opposite.

Does anyone have any experience with PROIV? I think my friends should learn 
PicoLisp and use that instead! I think they realize their future with PROIV is 

Can anyone point me to a good argument for PicoLisp as a PROIV alternative?

Thank you.
Joe Golden --
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