Sorry in advance if you’ve already covered this issue in the past.

I’m on Solaris 10; I can build the 32-bit picolisp (3.1.9) with no problem.
Then, I go do a (cd src64; make) (which is GNU make btw); this builds the
x86-64.sunOS.base.s file via mkAsm, but it fails in the next step on gas
--64 (which reads the .s file) with a bunch of errors of the form

Error: Unknown opcode: `$OP'

where $OP is any one of several opcodes, e.g. adc, addq, clc, ja, jbe, jz,
movb, mul, etc.

FIrst, I thought that a very old version of gas might be causing the issue
(i.e. maybe it was not able to understand some of the new (?) opcodes; yes,
I was very optimistic :); so I downloaded, built and installed binutils
(2.24.51) which gave me a new gas. The new gas was of no avail — the same
types of errors occurred.

So, I then downloaded the .s files for Solaris from here: and unarced them in the picoLisp
directory. As you can imagine, this didn’t work either — the same Unknown
opcode messages were appearing.

I suspect that I’m making a very fundamental mistake here, but I can’t
quite put my finger on it. Am I using gas wrongly, or do I have the wrong

Thanks for any help.


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