Hi Rick,

> All, does this mean that picoLisp64 cannot be built on a Solaris 10 sparc64
> box?

Unfortunately yes. I should write the sparc9 support into "src64/arch/",
which I have in my to-do list since several years. But it is a lot of
work for probably too few use cases.

And I still did not manage to get Debian running in qemu for sparc64.
This is a kind of prerequisite for me to make a new port (ppc64 does run
meanwhile in qemu).

> box?  (That's what I have.)  If not, no worries; I can, and will be happy
> to, still use picoLisp32 there.  Thanks!

As pil32 is more limited, you might also consider to build the emulator
with (cd src64; make emu). It is a lot slower, but may be sufficient for
some applications.

♪♫ Alex
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