Hi Jon,

> http://www.software-lab.de/doc/refB.html#bin
> - It should be mentioned that the input can be a list of characters:
> (bin '("1" "1" "1" "0"))? -> 14

I would not especially mention this here. In fact, most built-in
functions which expect a symbolic argument also accept something else
(like a number or a list) if it makes sense to take their "name". This
is more practical than throwing an error, and saves an explicit argument
conversion. So we would have to write this for very many functions.

In case of 'bin', this happens because it calls 'chop'. So the
"official" way is to call 'bin' (and similar functions) with either a
number or a string (transient symbol), but the above mechanism implies
that you may call it also with something else, if it can be
automatically handled as a string internally.

> - The result for the example (bin 1234567 4) should be "1 0010 1101 0110 1000 
> 0111"?.

Oops, yes. Thanks! Fixed.

> I also suggest that there be a "See also" link to 'bin' and 'pad' from the 
> 'format' ref.

OK. Done.

Thanks Jon,
♪♫ Alex
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