Not that I actually need it but the websocket server currently runs on a
machine with 128GB RAM.

Works just fine, the websocket "router" currently juggles hundreds of
concurrent and persistent connections without using noticeable amounts of
RAM and CPU.

Due to a mistake I made processes would sometimes start to use 100% of a
core (there are 16 of them), I just noticed it by coincidence because it
didn't affect the performance of the websocket server (since it needs so
little CPU anyway).

Hopefully I just uploaded a fix but more on that in a future post if it
indeed did fix the problem.

On Thu, Mar 12, 2015 at 2:33 PM, Jakob Eriksson <>

> They describe a machine with NUMA, and basically run a handful of JVMs,
> each
> confined to a NUMA region. Then synchronize with a huge disk cluster.
> I wonder how PicoLisp would fare on large machines with large sets of data?
> I have a feeling "really great". :)
> Has someone on the list tried PicoLisp on a monster PC?
> best regards,
> Jakob
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