Hi Erik, thanks for the hint!

I discussed this topic with Alex Williams before, but somehow I wasn't aware of 
what he did here with the Makefile.
That's really neat, something like this really should be intergrated in a 
module management, I think.

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Alex Williams is onto something. Checkout
https://github.com/aw/picolisp-nanomsg, notably the Makefile and module.l.
Works very well!

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> Hi Rick
> > Basically, I'm wondering if there is a project management tool like
> > Maven (Java), Leiningen (Clojure), Cask (Elisp), ASDF (CL), but for
> > picoLisp.  I'd also be interested in hearing arguments for or against
> > such a thing.  (Not having used these tools, I'm ok just manually
> > keeping these things up, but many of you here are more experienced
> > than I in deploying and maintaining software, so I'd appreciate your
> > thoughts.)
> Check this thread:
> https://www.mail-archive.com/picolisp%40software-lab.de/msg05140.html
> I'm attempting to do something on that topic, if anyone already has a
> solution or additional ideas, contact me please.
> - beneroth

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