Hi list,

I came across a cute little Common Lisp macro, mapeach
<http://malisper.me/2015/06/14/mapeach/>. Naturally, I wanted it to play
with it in PicoLisp. The most straightforward translation (for me) of the
code in the post was:

[de mapeach "E"    # expression
   (let [(@Var @List . @Body)  "E"]
            '((@Var) . @Body)
            @List ]

Pretty cute in PicoLisp too :)

It works great for single variable expressions.

: (mapeach N (1 2 3) (* N N))
-> (1 4 9)

Multiple vars will make it angry (return NIL).

But! I get the feeling that using (macro) is not quite idiomatic PicoLisp ;)

What are some other ways this could be written? I'm thinking it might be in
the spirit of do*, as defined in the FAQ, but I don't fully understand that


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