Happy Sunday y'all,

In my 'picolisp-osc' library, particulary the method 'server-add-method>',
I'm using 'lisp' to install callbacks that fire when a certain address
(e.g. "/foo") receives a message. According to the documentation for
'lisp', a maximum of 24 callbacks can be installed that way. I'm getting
ahead of myself here, but this seems like this could be problematic as the
address space of my OSC servers grow. A single synth could have more than
24 parameters, each corresponding to a different address
("/crazy-synth/envelope/attack", "crazy-synth/envelope/decay" ...) and each
requiring its own callback.

Is this a potential issue? And if so, is there a way to work around it? I'm
imagining dynamically creating and disposing of the callbacks at runtime,
as needed, so that they're not ever really "installed". This could be
similar to how 'ffi' (in picolisp-json, and now picolisp-osc) builds
'native' calls on the fly.


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