Hi Robert,
Nice find! And good point with the name :) But its an ARM Cortex M4 and from 
what i remember Alex would prefer to have it on a 64bit machine as much as 
Anyway don't worry coz i already got all the ingredients for the pilMCU 
evaluation kit? Got it from Digikey last week and now I'm currently layout the 
PCB which is time consuming esp if packages used are for SMD.. but its a 
working progress compared to past months. The design is based from the 
Waveshare hardware so that i can use their modular peripherals which is almost 
like Arduino...
Can't hold it but ok the name for the pilMCU evaluation board that I'm building 
is called "A.P.F.E.L." anyone can guess the meaning? :)


     On Tuesday, August 4, 2015 11:28 AM, Robert Herman <rpjher...@gmail.com> 

 I was checking out Espruino. It has a jumper to 'Boot to' where you can change 
the firmware. Do you think it would be possible to get PilOS running on this? 
It is ARM, and has a lot of convenience to it: USB A, LEDs, button, 22 GPIO, 
and best of all it's named Pico!




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