Hi Robert, Geo,

indeed, an interesting piece of hardware!

> But its an ARM Cortex M4 and from what i remember Alex would prefer to
> have it on a 64bit machine as much as possible?

Not just "prefer" ... There is no way to run PilOS on 32-bits. Besides
the fact that there is no ARM port yet.

> Anyway don't worry coz i already got all the ingredients for the
> pilMCU evaluation kit? Got it from Digikey last week and now I'm
> currently layout the PCB which is time consuming esp if packages used
> are for SMD.. but its a working progress compared to past months.


> Can't hold it but ok the name for the pilMCU evaluation board that I'm
> building is called "A.P.F.E.L." anyone can guess the meaning? :)

Hmm, no idea ... ;)
♪♫ Alex
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