Rick Hanson <cryptor...@gmail.com> writes:

Hi Rick,

>> Reading your other post I was wondering how it worked for you and
>> thought "it must be because of debug mode", and well ... correctly
>> guessed ;-)
> Hi Thorsten!  Yes. :) And btw thanks for picolisp-mode.  Please count
> me as a happy user.

Oh, you have to thanks Guillermo R. Palavecino in the first place, since
he wrote it:

| ;;;;;; picolisp-mode: Major mode to edit picoLisp.
| ;;;;;; Version: 1.3
| ;;; Copyright (c) 2009, Guillermo R. Palavecino
| ;;; Copyright (c) 2011, 2012 Thorsten Jolitz

I just became the (rather inactive) maintainer a few years ago and did
some enhancements later on, expecially to inferior-picolisp.el.


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