Hi Robert,

> I have a few TV sticks laying around running Android, but they have a
> microSD slot, which you can boot a Linux image from. I am thinking on
> learning ARM programming, since so many IOT devices, small netbooks and
> tablets use these processors. How hard would it be to turn the work on
> PilOS into a 32-bit PicoLisp running on specifically an ARM Cortex-A9 dual
> core with a Mali400 GPU?

PilOS is strictly 64-bit. It won't run on a 32-bit architecture.

I would take miniPicoLisp. It can also be built as a stand-alone
embedded system, see


> A bootable microSD image for the TV stick. Am I
> biting off way too much here? How hard would implementing networking be, as
> there is none on the 64-bit PilOS right now. Thanks!

The same challenge you would have on mini :)
♪♫ Alex
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