I'm back again after a pause. Anyway, trying to install 15.11 but getting
confused. The INSTALL file says to

$ (cd src64; make)

Good. That worked fine on my Ubuntu 15.10. Now it's in ~/opt/picoLisp/ and
the ~/opt/picoLisp/bin/ has picoLisp, pil, pilIndent, pilPretty, psh,
replica, watchdog as executables.  pil doesn't work because it expects a
soft link to /usr/bin/picolisp. But ./picolisp works and gives me a REPL.

But then the instructions say

To build the 64-bit version the first time (bootstrapping), you have the
   following three options:

   - If a Java runtime system (version 1.6 or higher) is installed, it will
     build right out of the box.

   - Otherwise, download one of the pre-generated "*.s" file packages

     - http://software-lab.de/arm64.linux.tgz
     - http://software-lab.de/x86-64.linux.tgz
     - http://software-lab.de/ppc64.linux.tgz
     - http://software-lab.de/x86-64.freeBsd.tgz
     - http://software-lab.de/x86-64.sunOs.tgz

   - Else, build a 32-bit version first, and use the resulting bin/picolisp
     generate the "*.s" files:

      $ (cd src; make)
      $ (cd src64; make x86-64.linux)

   After that, the 64-bit binary can be used to rebuild itself.

 . . not sure what any of that means or what I'm supposed to do with it.
I'm assuming I'm not finished, right?

Larry Bottorff

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