Hi Larry,

> I'm back again after a pause. Anyway, trying to install 15.11 but getting
> confused. The INSTALL file says to
> $ (cd src64; make)
> Good. That worked fine on my Ubuntu 15.10. Now it's in ~/opt/picoLisp/ and
> the ~/opt/picoLisp/bin/ has picoLisp, pil, pilIndent, pilPretty, psh,
> replica, watchdog as executables.

Perfect! This means that you successfully compiled the PicoLisp

It must be that you have already installed a global PicoLisp from the
Ubuntu distribution, so that al that "bootstrapping" stuff is not
necessary. Once you have a picolisp running, it is used to build the new

> pil doesn't work because it expects a
> soft link to /usr/bin/picolisp. But ./picolisp works and gives me a REPL.

"./picolisp" is not the recommended way. You should be in the installation
directory (the one you executed (cd src64; make) from, and then do

   $ ./pil +

or call

   $ ~/opt/picoLisp/pil +

from any place.

The point is to call 'pil' either with an absolute (like above) or a
relative path (e.g. ../foo/bar/pil +), or with the default path in which
case it resolves to /usr/bin/pil typically (i.e. the Ubuntu version in
your case).

> I'm assuming I'm not finished, right?

No, you are :)
♪♫ Alex
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