Hi all,
Sorry for this cryptic subject. I couldn't find a better one.

So here is a snippet:
(also as an attached file and pasted at the end of this email).

It's from this video:
that I'm trying to translate to PicoLisp.

Could someone explain me why the symbol 'code is
bound to 'X in the first pass, but to NIL thereafter?



    ('((code)  # The symbol 'code is bound to X only once.
      ('((gen) (gen gen))
          (println code)  # See the output from here.
          ('((partial) (list '(n) (list 'if '(=0 n) 1 (list '* 'n
(list partial '(- n 1))))))
           (list (cons 'quote gen) (cons 'quote gen)))
    ) 'X)
  5)  # (fact 5) is correctly computed then printed.


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