Hi all,

These are primarily questions for Alex, but I'm interested
in the answers of other people too.

I'm a big fan of PicoLisp even if I only scratched the surface yet,
since I don't use the server or the DB.
I know most of the heavy PicoLisp users here rely extensively
on the server and the DB and wouldn't use Ersatz for real things.
So bear with me for questions about EmuLisp,
which is even "weaker" that Ersatz!

1) What do you think of EmuLisp?
2) Would you promote it?
3) Would you use it on the futur website for the demo REPL?
4) I'm beginning a journey to the understandings of
Clojure/ClojureScript and would love to see something
like this for PicoLisp. Does this ring a bell for someone?

For your information, there is now a NodeJS module:



http://profgra.org/lycee/ (site pro)
http://delicious.com/profgraorg (liens, favoris)
http://microalg.info (langage de programmation pédagogique)
http://expressions.club/ (structure des expressions mathématiques)
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