Hi Rob,

> picolisp on Cygwin on my Windows 10 box. The Cygwin version chokes on
> certain things, such as (load "@lib/math.l") produces:
> [lib/math.l:4] !? (scl 6)
> scl -- Undefined

This is very strange. 'scl' is defined in "lib.l", before anything else
is loaded.

You invoked it from the Cygwin shell as 'pil', right? *Not* just the
bare 'picolisp' executable?

> Now when I run (load "@lib/math.l"), I simply get "atan" in the response,
> but Scl seems to have set.

Not "atan2"? 'load' returns the value of the last expression in the
file, which happens to be the definition of 'atan2' here.

> Also, any pointers on doing floating point math or math in general. I read
> the docs about *Scl and format, round, but how do I get proper floating
> point appearing output in my programs without having to manually change
> format and know in advance the magnitude of my math operators' results?

"@lib/math.l" sets the scale to a default of 6, so it should be all
right once it is successfully loaded :)

♪♫ Alex
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