Hi List,
I just discovered a nice article by Joe Bogner about FLINUX as an 
alternative was to run PicoLisp under Windows (http://picolisp.com/wiki/?

I tried it out, and succeded to a certain point but not further.

When installing necessary tools like wget, make etc. I often hit the 
"could not change the root directory (No such file or directory)" error, 
but it appeared after the last installation step, and after an C-c 
installation appeared successful.

But when trying to compile the 64bit version, Java is missing, and when I 
try to install it, I get the above error in the middle of the installation 
process that thus cannot finish.

There is some info about this 
(https://github.com/wishstudio/flinux/issues/63), but I could not really 
find a solution. Did somebody on the list succeed with the Flinux install 
of the 64bit version on Windows? 

Any hints would be welcome.

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