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Hello list!

Here is a blog post that I wrote about fixed-point number operations in


It was fun to write and I hope you find it useful.  It might be a bit
tedious for the veterans because it is written to inform a relative
newcomer to picolisp about such things.  Anyway, as always, I'd
appreciate any comment upon it by all you sharp folks who regularly
teach me things here and on IRC.  Thanks!

All the best, --Rick (rick42)

P. S. -- I thought that writing this would be fairly easy; then I got
into it.  :/  When I thought I was finished, I didn't realize that I had
 more work to do and consequently I delayed publishing for another week.
 Wow.  And that wringer was just *one* post!  I don't think I could do
an *entire blog* on picolisp as some of you do -- that's for you
adventurous and energetic people.  :D
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