On 06 Sep 2016, 07:24:00 -0400, Joe Bogner wrote:
> Hey Rick,

Hi Joe!

> Thanks for the article! It was informative and interesting. It
> should make the scale operations less intimidating and awkward to a
> new user. I particularly like how it highlights the benefits over
> floating point math.


> What do you think about publishing some bits from the article on the
> wiki?

Yes, I'd like to post it to the wiki. I would have last night, but I
was running out of time and just became too tired. :)

Also, I think the wiki deserves a shorter, less wordy, version, as I
believe you have suggested ("some bits from the article"), and I
wouldn't mind at all if someone else wanted to take that on.
Otherwise, I will eventually post to the wiki such a version (and of
course, expect others to correct/edit as appropriate).
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