I finally tidied-up and uploaded the task-manager tool I created last
month, based initially on Joe Bognor's wiki-page demo-app (for which I
asked on this list about copyright for the wiki-pages - there were
speculative answers/suggestions, but not a conclusive one yet...):


I don't get to work often with picolisp, so probably did some things
sub-optimally - feedback welcome!

The quickest way to see what it does is to scan the func-defs in the
lib-file, but here's an overview:

 * number
 * name
 * priority
 * tags
 * due
 * parent
 * children
 * blocks
 * blockedby
 * comment

 * add/destroy/modify tasks
 * return/display tasks:
   - select by field-matches/ranges
   - sort/reverse-sort by field
   - display specific or all fields
   - show raw task-objects or task-numbers in linked fields
 * help output (per-function or all, based on home-cooked docstring system)
 * frontend wrapper funcs like (isdone), (rename), (unparent), etc...

Rowan Thorpe
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