Hi Rowan,

On Mon, Oct 03, 2016 at 04:13:30PM +0300, Rowan Thorpe wrote:
> I finally tidied-up and uploaded the task-manager tool I created last
> month, based initially on Joe Bognor's wiki-page demo-app (for which I
> asked on this list about copyright for the wiki-pages - there were
> speculative answers/suggestions, but not a conclusive one yet...):
>   https://github.com/rowanthorpe/taskwrangle

Wow, an impressive list of work!

I'm a bit surprised that installation turns out so very involved, but
you surely have your reasons.

The code looks very good as far as I have seen. For

   (if (= (type Item) '(+Task))

I have a minor suggestion:

   (if (isa '+Task Item)

This is more general, and would survive inheritance.

BTW, Joe's exact name is Bogner ;

Thanks a lot!
♪♫ Alex
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