Hi Rafik,

I will let Alex answer the question about precompiled binaries.
When it comes to bootstrap compilation of the 64 flavour, however, it is my 
experience that that is not possible on Mac.


On 9. okt. 2016, at 17.51, Rafik NACCACHE 
<rafik.nacca...@gmail.com<mailto:rafik.nacca...@gmail.com>> wrote:

Hey Jon,

Thank you for your response !

I was actually going to explore docker way, and that's a fine solution.

But unless we host binaries for 32 and 64 osx, users won't be able to use newst 
pico from the mac's "unofficial" package manager, Homebrew, and that's quite 
how I think most mac users would go first.

So is it possible to have the official website host precompiled binaries for 
latest releases ? or at least have one 32 bit release that I could use to 
bootstrap compilation for the 64 flavour?



2016-10-09 16:27 GMT+01:00 Jon Kleiser 
Hi Rafik,

I have an old Mac (OS X 10.8.5) that I use mainly for compiling 32-bit 
PicoLisp. The compiled binaries I can copy to newer Macs, where they run fine. 
If you want, I can make the binaries available.

It is possible to install old/standard build tools on a new Mac. I have done it 
once, but I prefer having the original Mac tools, and not having to switch back 
and forth.

If you prefer 64-bit PicoLisp, Docker is a fine solution. If you use this one, 
https://hub.docker.com/r/progit/docker-tinycore-picolisp/, then you (probably) 
get version 16.5.30. Here’s how I start it:

docker run -v /Users/jkleiser/script:/opt/script -it 

I can then do things like (dir "/opt/script") or (in "/opt/script/foo.sh" 
(echo)) from inside PicoLisp.


On 9. okt. 2016, at 08.16, Alexander Burger 
<a...@software-lab.de<mailto:a...@software-lab.de>> wrote:

Hi Rafik,

As it turns out, as mac OSx defaults to clang, We get an error preventing
the package to compile:

flow.c:786:37: error: fields must have a constant size: 'variable length
array in structure' extension will never be supported
        struct {any sym; any val;} bnd[length(y)];

Yes, this is a known problem. PicoLisp 32-bit depends on dynamically
sized arrays in several places, and clang doesn't support those :(

♪♫ Alex

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