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> >
> > Who want or can test for build and test bundled tests on pil32 and 64 on
> > FreeBSD 11 ?
> pil (32 and 64) passed all tests on FreeBSD-11 (i386, x64)

Related question for FreeBSD veterans: Is there, or has there ever
been, a "Port" for Picolisp in the FreeBSD Ports system? I Googled and
haven't found one. My web-host is open to installing software to their
system if it is in "Ports" and is stable, which is easier (and more
DRY) than installing from tarballs into home-dirs per-site, not to
mention good exposure for Picolisp if it (1) gets into the Ports
system, and (2) gets included on webhosts' "supported languages" pages
(my host presently supports various lisp dialects). From superficial
reading it seems it would just require some Makefile tweaks and a
content-list file to create one - or would it be more complicated than
that in reality?

Rowan Thorpe
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