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> I have PIL on every OS it supports, except IRIX.
> I can update or patch or compile PIL very fast without walls.
> Nobody stay between me and Lisp. Freedom is not for free.

I agree for personal use, and it is what I presently do on my webhost
and personal VMs, but for use at large scale it means duplication of
effort, risk of inconsistencies from doing manual steps, barrier to
entry for new users, less exposure for Picolisp to potential users,
etc. Also, due to the need for auditability and extreme scale with no
maintenance-overhead my webhost would never agree to manually
compile/install Picolisp to their public systems from upstream source
(and definitely not repeatedly for each new release). They would only
consider installing a stable package from the "Ports tree", hence why
I am looking for that.

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> As ports ex-maintainer I'would say - you dont need port for PIL, this is
> jail and step backward.
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When you say you are an ex-ports maintainer, do you mean in general?
or of a Picolisp Ports-package in particular? If the latter, could you
please point me to the last version of the packaging you maintained
(if there was no maintainer after you), or to the version maintained
now (by whoever maintains it now, out of tree)? Having tinkered with a
few Gentoo ebuilds over the years (with Portage's similarity to Ports)
and with superficial FreeBSD familiarity as a "user", I am trying to
gauge if I could/would want to take on maintaining packaging for it in
Ports, and whether that exists in some form already, or would need

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