For my blog: thevikidtruth.com

I did some testing on logging into the wiki with different browsers:

1. Laptop

No Problems Whatsoever!

2. Android

 a) Severe Issues with Chrome & Firefox - when pressing the login the
 following response is recieveid:

  The thevikidtruth.com page isn’t working

  thevikidtruth.com didn’t send any data.

I am able to login maybe once in 15 times, if lucky. Once logged in it
is stable, more or less but not perfect.

 b) w3m & Samsung Builtin browser have NO Problem & login everytime.

3. Apple iOS

a) Severe Issues with Chrome, Firefox, Dolphin & Opera - when pressing
the login similar to Android however I need maybe 3 attempts if lucky,
on average, instead of 15 to login.

Does anyone have similar issues?

I am trying to debug it and will announce any issues.



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