Hi Christophe,

> I'm back at tweaking miniPicoLisp for it to be compilable by Emscripten.


> I can compile with the bnd[99] trick, until some better idea is found.

Oh! Does this mean that you allocate 99 entries on each call? This expoldes the
stack size :) And still might be too small if you e.g. 'apply' a longer list to
a function.

What about using alloca() ?

> In the Makefile, could we have
> 2a) «CC=gcc» at the top of the file, then $(CC) instead of gcc in the
> rest of the file?

You are right! I will change that.

> 2b) «%.o : %.c» instead of «.c.o»

I never saw that. Is it portable? And what is it needed for?

> 3) Questions about tests
> 3a) About picoLisp64 now, is there a prefered way to test everything ?
> `pil test/*.l` ? or something similar ?

The entry point is @lib/test.l. See the comments about local and global usage at
the beginning of that file.

> 3b) Would it be nice to have a `test` target in the Makefile ?

I don't see that very useful.

> 3c) Are there somewhere tests for miniPicoLisp ?

Unfortunately not ... :)

- Alex
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