I'm back at tweaking miniPicoLisp for it to be compilable by Emscripten.
I'm re-reading posts from a discussion we had:
It's been 2.5 years now! I'm now a bit stronger in C and can
understand some more bits.

So I opened up my old directories and checked the actual miniPicoLisp.tgz.
I'm glad to see that miniPicoLisp still receives updates!

1) News

I can compile with the bnd[99] trick, until some better idea is found.
The real news is that I managed to make it compute 2+2 (woa).

$ cat test.l
(+ 2 2)
$ nodejs picolisp.js < test.l
: -> 4
$ echo "(+ 2 2)(bye)" | nodejs picolisp.js
$ echo "(print (+ 2 2))(bye)" | nodejs picolisp.js
: 4

Now I have to investigate some more for convenient use
in the CLI and in the browser. Any input is welcome.

2) Minor suggestions

In the Makefile, could we have
2a) «CC=gcc» at the top of the file, then $(CC) instead of gcc in the
rest of the file?
2b) «%.o : %.c» instead of «.c.o»

3) Questions about tests

3a) About picoLisp64 now, is there a prefered way to test everything ?
`pil test/*.l` ? or something similar ?
3b) Would it be nice to have a `test` target in the Makefile ?
3c) Are there somewhere tests for miniPicoLisp ?

Thanks again Alex for providing such awesome software,
and thanks to the community for the warm atmosphere and
the discussions.

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