Hi Christophe,

> Trying to port tests to miniPicoLisp I needed to copy some
> definitions from lib/misc.l from pico to mini, and this is what I found:
> 1) Many definitions don't appear in pico. Is it intented ? If so, why ?

Don't appear in *mini*, you mean? Well, yes, it is "mini" after all ;) And many
features of real PicoLisp will not work anyway.

> 2) Discrepancy in the $dat implementation:
> mini
>         (format (pack (car S)))                # Year
>         (or (format (pack (cadr S))) 0)        # Month
>         (or (format (pack (caddr S))) 0) ) )   # Day
> pico
>         (format (car S))               # Year
>         (or (format (cadr S)) 0)       # Month
>         (or (format (caddr S)) 0) ) )  # Day

Yes, 'format' was changed with picoLisp-3.0.3 in 2010 to accept also lists of
characters. Probably I forgot (or had problems?) to port this change to mini. So
the 'pack' is not necessary in PicoLisp any more, but still in miniPicoLisp.

> Just to mention my findings. It may be intented for the sake of
> simplicity of mini.

Thanks! I put 'format' in mini into my todo list :)

- Alex
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