Hi Dean,

> I'd like to do this but am not sure if it's possible
> ( case <whatever>
>    #========= start of match clause
>    (<some match>
>        (prog
>            (if (<some test is T>) (EXIT THIS MATCH CLAUSE/PROG))
>            (otherwise you'll execute this statement)
>        )
>   )
>   #========= end of match clause
>   .
>   .
>   .
> I also wonder if there's a similar... (if (T) (EXIT FUNCTION))

If I understand you right, you are looking for an exit out of a nested
expression, like a 'return' statment in C or Java.

Such a return does not exist, there is catch/throw for that

   (catch 'something
      (for (..)
         (if (..)
            (throw 'something)

Catch/throw is more general then 'return', but the latter can be emulated with

♪♫ Alex
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