On Fri, Jan 20, 2017 at 06:26:14PM +0000, dean wrote:
> I seem to be able to do this by....
> (de some_fn (Canned_fn_and_arg......
> and then executing the Canned_fn_and_arg inside some_fn by doing....
> ((car Canned_fn) (car (cdr Canned_fn)))
> Is this the right way or is there a slicker one?

It depends on how 'Canned_fn_and_arg' looks like.

I suspect that instead of

   ((car Canned_fn) (car (cdr Canned_fn)))

you could just call

   (eval Canned_fn)

♪♫ Alex

Note, btw, that (car (cdr X)) can be simplified to (cadr X)
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