Hi Dean,

> I was reading each line in an input file text file, trimming it and seeing
> if it was a member of a list that I'd created. If it was I was recording
> the list type and the number of the line in the file.

OK, good. So 'str' is not useful here. 'str' tries to parse a Lisp expression
from the string, possibly giving errors if it is not legal Lisp syntax.

Better to operate directly on (sub)strings perhaps, e.g. with

   (in Pth
      (until (eof)
         (let? Lst (mapcar pack (split (line) " "))
            ... operate on list of strings ...

> Some of the files split their strings (that match the list elements) over
> multiple lines making things a bit more involved than (if (member Ln List)

I see. Then it is perhaps better not to use 'line', but 'from' / 'till', or
perhaps even a lower level with 'char'.

♪♫ Alex
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