Hi Dean,

> i.e. I'm calling m1 from m2 using the same syntax as calling methods
> externally....but just replacing *Obj with This.

Yes, that's fine.

> No problem if not but....Is there a shorter way e.g. like (: member)
> instead of (get This 'member)

Yes, (: member) is the same as (get This 'member) or (; This member). 'member'
doesn't show up in your code though.

> (class +Clss)
>    (dm T ())
>    (dm m1> () (setq Res 4))
>    (dm m2> (Arg2) (+ (send 'm1> This) Arg2))

Instead of (send 'm1> This) you would usually write (m1> This)

> (setq *Obj (new '(+Clss)))
> (prinl (format (send 'm2> *Obj 5)))

and (m2> Obj 5)

♪♫ Alex
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